The key you need to hit: Education

Lots of people will right away associate education to school. Personally I don’t make that direct association, because it is not just all about school.

Education goes beyond school!

It all starts at “home sweet home”

The first values and principles you acquire come directly from your time spent with your parents and family relatives. Let’s take that as the seeds that first get laid down on the ground.

Later on, you’ll start expanding your horizons through the friends you start making and the environment that surrounds you.

And finally, once you start school, you start a “journey” to enhance your skills, and to enhance your education. School does give you some sort of “starters pack” when it comes to education, but don’t ever think for a second that your education is measured by the highest level of academic qualification achieved.

It is not!

Education goes beyond a simple diploma!

It is not only about what you do at school, but also and most importantly, what you do outside of it!

I could give you a fishing rope and expect you to learn how to fish by yourself, but that outcome might not always be the one expected.

Same thing happens with school, school gives you the tools to improve yourself, but whether or not you actually use them outside of the school context is totally up to you.

Think of education as a meal:

  • Your appetisers would be the knowledge your parents and family relatives give you, as well as their insights, principles and values;
  • Your main course would be what you learn and acquire at school;
  • Your beverages would be the friends and people you get to know that bring in different ideas and perspectives that you somehow find interesting;
  • And last but not least, the dessert, certainly would be what you achieve on your own by having eaten and drunk all of the above.

Knowing that you made something happen, that you achieved something within your own ideas and your own means, that you made a difference somehow, no matter how small it is and understanding that you have extended your knowledge, met new people, have brought theory into practical with your own two hands, is something that will further develop you.

Remember, what you do in your own time can only benefit you, whether that be reading articles, listening to podcasts, reading books or even researching into topics of interest, it all benefits you. There is no limit to the knowledge you can acquire, so why not exploit that?

Now that, is what makes the menu so delicious!

Education is a mix and balance of everything I mentioned above. You don’t just earn education overnight, and you certainly can’t say you are “educated” just by having a diploma.

What actually makes you educated is:

  • Using the knowledge you have acquired and applying it into a real life context;
  • Within the fine tools you’ve been given throughout your whole life, did you give them some use?

Whether you shed some light to those tools you’ve been given or not, that’s up to you.

Once again, don’t make the common mistake to think that education is just about school.

Think about school like a box. Weren’t you always told to think outside of the box?

Well there you go, education is a means by which you may achieve success in life, therefore what everyone should seriously start to consider is:

The key you need to hit: Education



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